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 Elegant Food Histories and Recipes



(New York, USA)

with contributions by co-authors Herm Dillon and Leslie Jean-Bart



New Orleans Restaurant August



This book has been praised

by President George W. Bush,

Vice-President Dick Cheney,

and Former Secretary of Defense Ronald Rumsfeld.

AGOSTINO VON HASSELL’s book, Military High Life. Elegant Food Histories  and Recipes, has been highly recommended by Chef John Besh, a former Marine, owner of prestigious Restaurant August in New Orleans, Lousiana (USA), and Winner of the 2006 James Beard Foundation Best Chef Southeast Award:

''As a food history buff, I am excited to see a book that connects our fine dining of today with that of the cuisine of the leaders of the Roman Legions... Military High Life. Elegant Food Histories and Recipes, was an interesting read for me as a former squad leader, mortar man, and forward observer, who now cooks elegant dishes steeped in military tradition.  Enjoy this great work!''

New Orleans Restaurant August Chef John Besh


Chef John Besh in His Restaurant August



This sumptuously produced ... coffee-table volume ... includes 141 beautiful color illustrations and 73 interesting recipes ...  Military High Life is a feast for the eyes.

Aram Bakshian, Jr.

The Wall Street Journal



Military High Life.  Elegant Food Histories and Recipes is great stuff ! I have passed this book to my Enlisted Aide who will, no doubt, use recipes from it to help entertain foreign and domestic dignitaries from all over the world.

T. Michael Moseley, General, USAF,

Chief of Staff

An Army travels on its stomach, Napoleon said, but he was referring to supply lines, not cuisine. Still, fighting men have eaten tastier — far tastier, according to Agostino von Hassell and Herm Dillon — than the current generation of MREs that sustain the troops in Iraq.

Military High Life: Elegant Food Histories and Recipes  weaves lore and recipes from ancient Egyptian and Greek armies to American Meals Ready to Eat. Among the tidbits: Major Grey's Chutney was first created for British regiments in the 1820s, and creamed beef on toast is still a staple of military breakfasts.

Chatham Artillery Punch, the legendarily powerful drink of the Savannah regiment, is here, along with recipes from Rome, Spain, Tunisia and Africa. ANZAC Biscuits, Zulu Warrior Grits, Beef Wellington and recipes adapted from army cooking manuals round out the chapters on military chow history, accompanied by period illustrations and color photos of vintage place settings and military objects.

Elizabeth Lee

Atlanta Constitution.

(Food Section)

'Army chow through the ages'


Military High Life is a must-have and must-read for every connoisseur of good food and drink who has a warrior heritage.  Reading about the military history and tradition behind the dish adds a great deal to the food’s allure and enjoyment.  The collaboration of Agostino von Hassell and former Marine and now Master Chef John Besh offers us a beautiful look at outstanding food with a rich military tradition.  I enthusiastically recommend it.”

Charles W. “Bill” Henderson

Chief Warrant Officer, USMC-Retired

 Author of Good Night Saigon (2005) –The Outstanding General Nonfiction Book for 2006 - the American Society of Journalists and Authors.  Bill Henderson is also the author of Marine Sniper, Marshalling the Faithful, and Silent Warrior and Jungle Rules, forthcoming in November, 2006.


Tabasco Pepper Sauce

“This book is well researched, steeped in history and traditions, filled with interesting and colorful photographs, sprinkled with a treasure trove of humorous and interesting trivia.  It also reveals Agostino von Hassell's boundless knowledge on fine food and cuisines. What is also important is that this book helps preserve those important military customs and traditions that, over time, seem to get lost in this modern world of only looking forward.”

 General Matthew Broderick, USMC (Ret.)

Former Director of Operations for the

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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Cooking Culture Series



Agostino von Hassell


Agostino von Hassell is preparing a book with Chef John Besh on Louisiana cooking Cultures and Recipes He is working a food history/anthropology book, Typhoon, on the impact of the fall of Constantinople to the Turks (1453) on food, culture, and life in Early Modern Europe until current times and the impact of the voyages of the discoveries on culinary arts.  He is a Chevalier of La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, and a Member of the Washington, DC, Chapter.  An international trade consultant and freelance photojournalist who makes his home in New York and Virginia, Agostino von Hassell has published two illustrated books on the United States Marine Corps, one book on West Point and will release later this year a book on the OSS and Abwehr in World War II. He is a life member of the US Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association.


                     A TEAM EFFORT

Research for this book took Agostino Von Hassell's team all over the world.

 Pictured on a photo shoot in Portugal are (clockwise from upper left): 

Keith Crossley;

Agostino Von Hassell;

Herm Dillon;

Leslie Jean-Bart;

Teresa Caiado Ramirez;

Harry McMann;

and Kristin Leigh Hoelen.


ISBN 1-931948-60-7                                                              

Hard Cover

168 pages




   For more information, visit                                           www.militaryhighlife.com

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