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Books must be prepaid.

Mailed within three days.




Merchant Accounts to Accept Credit Cards

Books must be Prepaid


Please indicate:

The name of the cardholder
Exact number on the card
Expiration date (month/year)
The name of the bank that provided the card.
The last three numbers of the code behind the card.



Discounts for Individuals:

Take advantage of our large discounts, purchasing more than 5 books at our Pick and Click Online Catalog.

Other Discounts:

Bookstores and Wholesalers:    30% off   unless agreed differently.
Students and Senior Citizens:   50% off   (mailed, faxed, or scanned, copy of ID required).
Class Orders:                            50% off   if ordered by the professor or his/her department directly.

        IMPORTANT: In order to get a 50% discount, professors or Departments must order directly from us by phone, fax, or email  50% discount begins at 10 books (1 free complementary copy will be given to the professor AFTER the order has been completed and duly paid).  This discount shall not be valid if books are ordered through the college bookstore of the professor.