AGOSTINO VON HASSELL is the author of, Military High Life. Elegant Food Histories and Recipes, published by University Press of the South (ISBN: 1-931948-60-7).  

AGOSTINO VON HASSELL’s book has been highly praised by Chef John Besh, a former Marine, owner of prestigious August Restaurant in New Orleans, Lousiana (USA), and Winner of the 2006 James Beard Foundation Best Chef Southeast Award: ''As a food history buff, I am excited to see a book that connects our fine dining of today with that of the cuisine of the leaders of the Roman Legions... Military High Life was an interesting read for me as a former squad leader, mortar man, and forward observer, who now cooks elegant dishes steeped in military tradition.  Enjoy this great work!''

AGOSTINO VON HASSELL is preparing a book with Chef John Besh on Louisiana cooking Cultures and Recipes.

AGOSTINO VON HASSELL is working a food history/anthropology book, Typhoon, on the impact of the fall of Constantinople to the Turks (1453) on food, culture, and life in Early Modern Europe until current times and the impact of the voyages of the discoveries on culinary arts.

AGOSTINO VON HASSELL is a Chevalier of La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, and a Member of the Washington, DC, Chapter.

AGOSTINO VON HASSELL is also an international trade consultant and freelance photojournalist who makes his home in New York and Virginia.  He has published two illustrated books on the United States Marine Corps, one book on West Point and will release later this year a book on the OSS and Abwehr in World War II.  He is a life member of the US Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association.    

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