The originality of Alain Saint-Saëns's anthology lies in its willingness

 to challenge traditional approaches to studying the past.


''Crossing customary boundaries between the academic disciplines of history and literature, essays borrow methodologies from each. Sex and Love in Golden Age Spain breaks stereotypes of pleasure and violence, sex and love, and its presents paradoxes that stimulate rethinking. In many years of research, publishing, and teaching, I have rarely seen an anthology with so many exciting essays unified by such an original focus."

                                                               Mary-Elizabeth Perry

"There is nothing in English that combines literary analysis with historical research on this topic. I believe that Sex and Love in Golden Age Spain will add considerably to our knowledge of sexual practices in the early modern period."

                            Anne J. Cruz


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Alain Saint-Saëns is Professeur des Universités en Histoire Moderne, Agrégé d'Histoire from the University of Paris-Sorbonne (France), Docteur (1990) and Docteur Habilité (1996) from the University of Toulouse (France), and a former Fellow of the French Institute for Advanced Spanish Studies in Madrid, the Casa de Velázquez (Spain). 

He was a Scholar-in-Residence at Trent University (Canada), and has taught at the universities of Tulane (USA), Oklahoma State (USA), Dowling College of New York (USA), Toledo (Spain), Universidad del Norte (Paraguay), and Rennes II (France).   

Alain Saint-Saëns is a member of the Editorial Board of Hispania Sacra. He was Co-Director, with Norman Holub, of the Mediterranean Conferences, and Director of the International Symposium in Humanities at Asunción (Paraguay) from 2010 to 2018.

Alain Saint-Saëns is a poet, a playwright, and a novelist.

He is a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Letters, Bahia, Brazil. 


                     ISBN 1-889431-01-X


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