The Poetry of Federico García Lorca

and Luis de Góngora


Jack De Groot

(University of Queensland, Australia)


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In order to reveal the extent, timing, inevitability, as well as the nature of an intertextual relationship between Lorca and Góngora, Jack De Groot explores the origins, aims, emission, and reception of the obscurity implicit in a significant selection of both poets’oeuvres, including the Sonnets of Dark Love, Oda a Salvador Dalí and Soledades.  Intricate poetic parallels through obscurity did not emerge exclusively from controversial political, religious or economic circumstances, such as the decadence of the Spanish Empire, the changing role of the Catholic Church or harsh treatment of ethnic minorities over the centuries, but are results of dramatic events experienced by the poets within their personal milieus. 

Jack De Groot  received his doctorate from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2000.   In 1995 he was awarded a Literary Prize for his poem, Homenaje a Luis de Góngora, by Joaquín Artacho Peralta, Spanish Consul in South-Australia.

ISBN 1-931948--05-4




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