The Question of History

and the Essays of Michel de Montaigne.


Elaine M. Ancekewicz (Long Island University, USA)


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Ancekewicz examines problems in the understanding of history raised by the text of the Essays of Michel de Montaigne. The analysis focuses on textual practice as well as on explicit statement. This leads to the exploration of two principal sites of investigation: (1) the relationship of representation to origin and (2) continuity and coherence or underlying identity. The critical connection concerns the notions of connection and critique, the ambivalences not only linking history to literature, but also characterizing history and literature in the hermeneutics of interpretation.

Ancekewicz addresses the notions of history and language as they play out in the text of Montaigne.  The book further analyzes the traditional reading of the Essays, which considers the work at once literary and philosophical, engaging both political and moral philosophy.

    Elaine M. Ancekewicz received her Ph. D. in French Language and Literature from Yale University. She was awarded a great number of prestigious scholarships and Fellowships. She is the author of several books, numerous articles and papers on early modern French literature and cultural studies; critical theory and poetics. She is currently a Professor of French and Comparative Literature at the C.W.Post Campus at Long Island University, USA.

ISBN 1-889431-48-6



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