by Maria-AntÚnia Oliver

Edited and translated by Kathleen McNerney

Blue Roses for a Dead LadyIn this new, excellent detective novel, LÚnia Guiu, the detective/protagonist of Study in Lilac and Antipodes, again cracks the case, this time of a woman's missing daughter, but not without the usual contretemps, tension, and riddles, as well as good humor.  A desperate mother searches for her daughter, Jķlia.  LÚnia,  takes on the job of looking for her in Mallorca, her last known whereabouts.  No one there knows anything.  But LÚnia suspects that her informers are lying.  A Castilian song with its deformed version in Catalan provides a clue, and little by little she unravels the skeins, but she pays a price:  a destroyed car, a sprained ankle, a finger in a cast, a couple of beatings... Lots of action and lots of emotion. No doubt about it, it is a novel by Oliver. In Blue Roses LÚnia has reached the level of the best current detectives, like Sue Grafton's, for example. She is now prepared to take on such strange and difficult situations:  mixtures of magic and sex, hatred and tenderness, fantasy and action.  Maria-AntÚnia Oliver has done a good job of consolidating the character of the protagonist.  Blue Roses is a solid literary product which will please both LÚnia Guiu fans and those who enjoy a high quality work of detective fiction

The Author

Kathleen McNerney is Professor of Spanish and Benedum Distinguished Scholar at West Virginia University. She received her degrees at the University of New Mexico and studied in Barcelona and Girona.  In 1990, she was awarded the Catalonia Prize for dissemination of Catalan culture.  With Nancy Vosburg, she co-edited The Garden Across the Border:  MercŤ Rodoreda's Fiction (1994) and with Cristina EnrŪquez de Salamanca, Double Minorities of Spain:  A Bio-Bibliographic Guide to Women Writers of the Catalan, Galician, and Basque Countries (1994)

(1998) 256 p.
ISBN: 1-889431-31-1

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