Cover Art by  Evgeniy Koltsov, Website “Moscow,” http://fotomoskva.net.ru . Reproduced with Permission.

Cover Design by Rosana Sánchez.

ISBN: 978-1-937030-01-8


177 Pages



Послушайте! is intended for intermediate-level students who want to improve their listening and speaking communication skills. Focusing on language in the context of everyday communicative acts (e.g. making requests, seeking and giving advice, apologizing etc.), the book provides students with multiple opportunities to practice listening and speaking in a variety of real-life situations. A host of individual, pair, and group activities in each chapter develop effective listening strategies, promote meaningful practice of language and communicative skills, and boost students’ confidence in dealing with real Russian.


Послушайте! is a unique teaching and learning resource. The language featured in the textbook is authentic and up-to-date. While listening texts primarily feature every-day high frequency vocabulary, they are occasionally “garnished” with pieces of common slang. These discreetly used slang expressions render feature dialogues appealing and lively. In addition, each dialogue captures and conveys culturally idiosyncratic ways of interaction, culturally specific humor, and certain cultural values. In effect, while the primary intent of the textbook is to develop language learners’ listening comprehension skills, it also provides learners with highly relevant idiomatic vocabulary and the benefit of developing some insight into the Russian culture.”

Tatiana Gordon,
Professor of TESOL,
Hofstra University (USA)


'I've worked very closely with the author of this textbook for several years now.

She is a wonderful instructor, and this book is no different!

It has CD listening tracks, quick review charts in the back, and lots of activities.

It is the perfect book for furthering Russian language studies.'



'I just finished using this book in my university Russian course. I was writing an email about it to my friend, but I thought I'd post

 ageneral recommendation for everyone. I've never used a foreign language textbook that was as helpful as this one. That's

 because most textbooks focus on grammar and vocabulary, which helps with reading, but not listening or speaking. On the other

 hand, Listen Up! is all about improving your listening skills. Each chapter focuses on some important conversational topic/theme

 and provides tons of listening activities. There are pre-listening, during-listening, and after-listening activities. Each type of

 exercise helps develop a different way to improve your listening skills. Since there are so many types of exercises, you learn a lot

 of strategies and don't get sick of doing the same thing.

Without having studied Russian for a year before this, I probably would have been lost. It's not a beginner book. But once you've

 got the basics down, it's perfect for getting your Russian to the next level. I would really recommend it if you want to travel to

 Russia. It will help you get used to hearing native-speaking Russians say the same thing differently. For example, there are a

bunch of ways to get someone's attention in Russian; so one lesson covers different expressions for doing so. This kind of learning

 usually comes from traveling to Russia, but here you learn it ahead of time. I feel like I really "speak" the language. My other

 textbook taught me one way to say something and that was it. I recommend this book to any student of Russian who wants to

 move beyond beginner level.'

 DK. Huntzinger


'Listen Up! by Ekaterina Nemtchinova is a brilliantly innovative take on the language course experience for intermediate-and-

beyond level students. As a student of Russian myself and someone with a pedagogical degree in Russian Studies and Linguistics

, I can say that this text is the perfect match for any serious student of Russian. The activities and techniques employed within

 have been skillfully crafted to allow the student to discover, learn, and remember up-to-date, real-life vocabulary one would

 actually encounter on the bustling streets of Moscow. As such, all of the dialogues take place in meaningful contexts--realistic

 situations one could easily imagine him or herself in and that actually keep one interested--(I can say from personal experience!).

 The text book employs many unique features that teach students to employ useful strategies to increase their comprehension

 beyond the classroom, as well as that are designed to improve students' productive fluency. Learning is centered around a series

 of interesting and engaging dialogues that let students "discover" and "play" with the language while learning useful vocabulary

 and sound grammar, with specific activities designed for pre-, during-, and post- listening to help prepare, cultivate and reinforce

 the learning process. All-in-all, this course book and accompanying CD are a must for any student or teacher that is serious about

 seeing meaningful results beyond the classroom! I highly Recommend it!'



EKATERINA NEMTCHINOVA is a Professor of TESOL and Russian at Seattle Pacific University, where she teaches courses in linguistics, methodology of foreign language teaching, and Russian language, literature and culture.  She currently is the Co-Chair of the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics.

EKATERINA NEMTCHINOVA is the author of numerous publications on teacher education, the issues of nonnative English speaking professionals in TESOL, and technology in language learning.



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