Moriscos and Catholicism in Early Modern Spain


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(Brigham Young University, Hawaii, USA)


ISBN: 1-889431-94-X


A valuable analysis, James Tueller’s book challenges Pascual Boronat’s interpretations of the Moriscos expulsion from Spain. His work explores the Catholic hierarchy of early modern Spain and its attempted conversion of the Morisco population to Catholicism, considering the previously dismissed contradictions to the positions of Figuero and Sobrino.  A balanced history, Good and Faithful Christians: Moriscos and Catholicism in Early Modern Spain offers a wider perspective of the cross-cultural change, conversion, and adaptation.


Good and Faithful Christians: Moriscos and Catholicism in Early Modern Spain by Historian James B. Tueller is a major contribution to the history of comparative religions in XVI and XVII Century Spain. This pioneering historical essay analyzes with an accute precision the power and place of religious beliefs, practices, and behaviors within Early Modern Spanish society and the human drama suffered by Moriscos.”                        

Alain Saint-Saëns

“This is a very worthy and original book that will make a significant contribution to studies of Spain in the early modern period…James Tueller has intelligently and bravely approached the historical record with a difficult question that most scholars do not ask:  what happened to Moriscos who truly converted to Christianity during the period of the expulsion of Moriscos from the Spanish kingdoms?”                        

Mary Elizabeth Perry

“El libro de Tueller es un importante y original contribución a nuestro conocimiento de la situación de los Moriscos en la España de los siglos XVI y XVII.  Su contribución es especialmente importante en el tema de los debates sobre la llamada ‘cuestión morisca’ antes de la expulsión y, sobre todo, en lo relativo a la expulsión de la peninsula Ibérica a comienzos del siglo XVII, tanto en sus aspectos técnicos como ideológicos.”

        Antonio Feros

“La excelente descripción y el adecuado análisis científico de esta investigación no ocultan el enorme drama colectivo de los moriscos y la estrechez mental y moral de sus verdugos.   El de Tueller es un libro que aúna lo riguroso y lo humano.  En mi opinión, nada mejor podría pedirse a un estudio de Historia.”                   

Miguel Angel Echevarria



Dr. James B. Tueller received his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University.  Currently he is Professor of History at Brigham Young University, Hawaii Campus, USA. He has taught at Bronx Community College of the City University of New York and BYU in Provo, Utah.  He currently researches and writes on the Spanish Empire in the Pacific Ocean, focusing on conversion to Christianity among the 18th-Century Chamorros of Guam.



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